Beef Chili Cook Off 1-26-19

chili cookoff 2019 flyer

BEEF Chili Cook Off Entrants:

Please review the following attachments from the MN Dept. of Health on how best to handle food for everyone’s safety. If at all possible, please make your chili the morning of the event. If time restraints don’t allow this, be sure to cool the chili as recommended in the “Cooling” fact sheet.

  • Chili must be made solely with food products purchased from a store.
  • Beef recipes only, no venison or wild game of any sort!

Best of luck with your entry today and thanks for your due diligence to ensure a successful and safe event!

chili cookoff 2019 flyer

Chili and Soup Cook-Off FS 06-26-2014 Rev 1.0

Entrant Info

MDH_ Cooling PHF’s

MDH_ Handwashing

MDH_ Purchasing Food Products

MDH_ Temp Req’s PHF’s