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Boat up and Walk in to Wahkon!


Beachside now offer’s docking for a $10 fee.  Pull up lakeside and take a stroll through town.  Wahkon welcomes you!



Looking for some Wahkon History Photos?

Check out the About Us Section under Image Gallery for a look at Wahkon and all the beauty that has been found throughout the years!

Wahkon Depot

Budget and Financial Documents

2017 Wahkon – Financial Statements

2017 Wahkon – Management Letter

Budget 2018 Summary

Budget 2019 Summary

Does your home need a pick me up?

 Does your home need a pick me up? Small Cities Development Program could be available to you. See attached letter and area map. Funding is provided as a 0%, deferred, forgivable loan with a seven year term up to $21,000. Owner match funds are required. Call Ed Zimny at 320-258-0673 or City Hall 320-495-3441. 

See PDF of Flyers for Additional Information:

Small Cities Development Program

Mille Lacs Income limit


WAVE Annual Chili Cookoff and Two Cents Voting Results

WAVE Chili Cookoff and Two Cents Votes

IMG_2719 IMG_2743 IMG_2754 IMG_2756 IMG_2758



WAVE Chili Cookoff and Two Cents Votes



Volunteers Needed for One More Time

One More Time Volunteers Needed

One More Time Volunteers Needed

Code Red Weather Warnings Available

Code Red Weather Warning

Mille Lacs County contracts with a service that will send out code red weather warnings to citizens in the area.

If interested, please contact #866-939-0911 between 8 am – 7 pm (EST) Monday through Friday to register your land line, cell phone and/or email.

Memorial Day Service Held 5-29-17

Mem Day Pix 1

Mem Day Pix 1 Mem Day Pix 3 Mem Day Pix 2

Mille Lacs County Recycling list and curbside schedule

Mille Lacs County Recycling list and curbside schedule