Lake Mille Lacs


At slightly more than 200 sq mi (132,000 surface acres ), Mille Lacs is Minnesota’s second-largest lake. Its maximum depth is 40 feet, while much of the main lake falls into the 20 to 38 foot depth ranges.

The northern half contains most of the lake’s mud flats and the southern half of the lake has more gravel and rock bars. All sides of the lake offer some shallow reef-top fishing. Deep-water angling takes place on the southern deep gravel and rocks as well as on dozens of mud flats in the north half of the lake.

Shoreline break fishing on varied bottom types occurs all around the lake. The weed line is at nine to ten feet. The lake has many species of fish including walleye, northern pike, muskie, jumbo perch, small mouth bass and tullibee.

It is one of Minnesota’s most popular fishing lakes in the summer and is also popular for ice fishing in the winter. It is a prime spawning grounds for walleye and billions of walleye eggs and fry are produced there every year.

— Courtesy Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia,

Map Courtesy of King Tutt’s Mille Lacs Lake Walleye Whiffer Map

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