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The Story of Wahkon, MN

Tucked along Mille Lacs Lake’s  South Shore, Wahkon was the earliest settlement in the Mille Lacs Lake area, beginning its history in 1885. It was platted on the southeast shore of Mille Lacs Lake by the Soo Railroad Company near the site of the old town of Lawrence, once an American Indian trading post.

Robert and Ben Briggs built a log cabin near the old site of the Soo Line Depot, acted as land surveyors and located men on claims as families began moving into the area. In 1907, with the coming of the railroad, the Wahkon town site was set up and in 1912 it was incorporated as a village.

Wahkon was a typical “boom town” of the early days with American Indians, lumberjacks, ox and horse teams filling the town’s streets. The town became a rail terminal and the docking point for large logging company steamers that transported logs from all points around the lake.

Historical Tour of Old Wahkon

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Phil Tideman and Don Robbins for creating this comprehensive map of historical points of interest with complete descriptions. If you would like to view a printable version of the Wahkon Tour Map please click on the following link. Wahkon Tour Map

Website of Interest

This interesting site contains the complete yearbooks (scanned) from 1933-1934  Wahkonian 1933-1934You can view them by individual page or easy to use slideshows.


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